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The Institute’s core research and development activities cover the following areas:

  • Regions of knowledge (regional innovation strategies, regional clusters, sectoral innovation systems and innovation support policy, innovative instruments of region management).
  • Innovative instruments for region and company management (regional and technological foresight, benchmarking, technological and innovation audit, governance, monitoring and evaluation).
  • Entrepreneurship and support policy for small and medium enterprises (environment friendly to SME development, including the elimination of administrative barriers, national and international initiatives for SME support, best practices).
  • European integration (theory of integration, economic consequences of integration).
  • Internationalisation of SMEs (theory of internationalisation, internationalisation and globalisation of SME, cross-border and international cooperation).

Research results are available at the Institute’s website: as well as in the form of reports, analyses and scientific journals published by the Publishing House of the Academy of Management, etc.


Research results are also spread through papers and scientific announcements presented at conferences, workshops and scientific seminars including the ones that are organised by the Institute, which include two yearly conferences of primary importance:

  • Regional Innovation Forum, since 2005 and
  • “Technologies of the Future” Conference, since 2006.

Research results are the point of departure for the development of the Institute’s business services, closely corresponding to market expectations. As regards its contents, the following issues deserve particular attention:

  • Education and training of young academic staff,
  • Consulting services for companies in respect of the advancement of innovation management skills to strengthen their potential,
  • Staff training for businesses, including:
    • fashion designers – new curriculum
    • transformation managers – interactive workshops on the management of technological and organisational transformation in the textile industry
    • innovation management leaders –on-line workshops and coaching

Wyzwania szybko zmieniającego się, konkurencyjnego świata wymagają nie tylko zmian w podejściu do zarządzania, ale też nowego modelu przywództwa.