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The Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Research Institute is an independent research unit operating at the Lodz University of Social Sciences since January 2004. The Institute’s research is of an applied nature, its focus being to further innovation in national and regional enterprises, as well as to increase the economic competitiveness of the Lodz region in general.


From the very beginning, the Institute has been actively involved in national and international cooperation. The extensive professional experience of EEDRI employees has been quickly transferred into a number of valuable and interesting projects. During its initial period of activity the Institute has developed, or has been invited as a partner to several research projects, some of which are financed within the 6th Framework Programme and two from the EU Structural Funds.


Since June 2005, EEDRI has been the sole representative of Polish scientific institutions dealing with economic research, and particularly of those addressing issues of entrepreneurship and small and medium sized enterprises in the European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR).The Lodz Institute has been appointed for this position by the EERDI administration after a rigorous selection process.


Scientific units within the ENSR network undertake research projects and provide the necessary expertise requested by the Commission. Membership in the network not only commands a high degree of prestige, but also offers a unique opportunity for collaborative international research.


Within the network we currently cooperate with over six hundred highly esteemed  scientists  from many EU member states, as well as from a number of countries outside of the Union. All ENSR members possess a high degree of experience in collaborative international scientific research with European institutions as well as those from developing countries. The strength of the network lies in the wide spectrum of specialisations held by its individual members, spanning all fields of the economy ranging from macroeconomics to the management of small business enterprises.


Wyzwania szybko zmieniającego się, konkurencyjnego świata wymagają nie tylko zmian w podejściu do zarządzania, ale też nowego modelu przywództwa.